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JANTA KOSHI COLLEGE, BIRAUL has been started by the local people and administration. The College established on 15 August 1968. Past 54 years has been the steady progress of the college and today it has became a full - fledged instituion with four thousand students of regular courses and more than two thousands students of Distance mode with forty five staff today. An educational institution can not exists by itself its success is the result of a unifiled effort of the management staff, students and parents. Therefore let us commit ourselves to the noble task of educating the heart, mined and soul of the students under our care.

Our primary aim or goal is hot confirmed to the academic excellance but all about human growth and enduring life fulfillment. Our focus is not future economic properitybut future fuller human life with pease justice and happiness for all. We empower our students to face the challanges and crisis of life with an optimistic attitude, serenity, courage and trust in the Almighty God.