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Dear Students : Always remember the student period of life is the most beautiful part of a life. A good student has a good time management. He gives priority to his learning. They also give sufficient importance to games and other co- curricuar activities. They enjoy their student life without stress and strain. They have a sound judgement and is open to all realities of life with an optimistic attitude. They deal with the praise and blame, with balanced emotion develop a good safe esteem, and not easily bacome victime to disappointments. There will be movements in their life where they will be exposed to be wider world. their personal achivements and thinks they learned will be put to fire test be of good cheer. Be firm. Hold fast to the values and priciples which have became an invertible part of their personality. Adhere to truth.

Love justice and duty, they should remember "Satya Pareshan ho sakta hai parajit nahi" Truth alone shall prevail "Satya Meva Jayate" So let strive to achieve greater hights.

Our mission is to continue to do what we have always done. Develope this college and the students with intigrity and values; also to give our students the best oppertunities and the best alround education. Our Vission is to produce Conscientious, smart and confident citizens of India who will go out into the world and make us proud !

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About Us

JANTA KOSHI COLLEGE, BIRAUL was established in year 1968. As a centre of higher education in this remote flood effected area. This has been awarded the status of a constituent unit of L.N. Mithila University, darbhanga in 1980 up to degree level. Then This college has been established with real objective of providing quality higher education to the sons of downtrodden and poor farmers who are mainly of backward & SC Categories of this far flung area of Biraul. This college has three main building blocks. It has also developed various infrastructures to fulfill the academic need up to degree level education in Science, Arts and Commerce.

Our primary aim or goal is hot confirmed to the academic excellance but all about human growth and enduring life fulfillment. Our focus is not future economic properitybut future fuller human life with pease justice and happiness for all. We empower our students to face the challanges and crisis of life with an optimistic attitude, serenity, courage and trust in the Almighty God.

Janta Koshi College, Biraul, Darbhanga has been started by the local people and administration. The College established on 15 August 1968. Past 47 years has been the steady progress of the college and today it has became a full - fledged instituion with four thousand students of regular courses and more than two thousands students of Distance mode with forty five staff today. An educational institution can not exists by itself its success is the result of a unifiled effort of the management staff, students and parents. Therefore let us commit ourselves to the noble task of educating the heart, mined and soul of the students under our care.

Well equipped class rooms and laboratories are the main assets of the college. Computer Lab and Library facilities are adequate. Games & sports are also there. College is trying to start NCC also Separate common rooms for Girls & Boys, Staff rooms for Teaching & Non - teaching employees are also the main attraction point.

Why Choose Us

Books & Library

We have enrich library having variant nature of books ,novels, literature and magazines for the students.

Science & Computer Labs

We have Well equipped separate labs for Physics , Chemistry ,Maths , Computer, Biology for the students.

E-Learning Classes

We have Techno-Friendly Environment for the learners complete E-Learning classes for studends.

Sports And Games

We, at College provide varied kinds of sports activities and sports facilities to all the students. We have maintained a separate section of sports for the boys and girls Section.

Auditorium For Workshops/ Seminars

We have Well furnished Auditorium for workshops/Seminars, We are conducting various kinds of Seminars and Workshop throughout the years.

Special Training For Music & Yoga

We are also encouraging students for the Yoga and Martial Arts. We have separate instructors for Yoga and Martial Art classes in the School.

Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar

Hon'ble Governer, Bihar

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Bihar
Shri S.P. Singh
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, LNMU
Dr. Suryanarayan Pandey
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